How Much Money A Model Earn

Archiving your goal and realizing the dream of becoming a model can be rewarded by a lot of things. As we all know becoming a model requires a lot of sacrifices and of course luck. Like every profession, it has its ups and downs but what it makes more interesting is that this a large industry and basically has a place for everyone if they don’t get disappointed and quit quickly. But how much can a model earn nowadays and how the payment works? We have accumulated some honest answers and prices.


Of course, that depends from model to model and from agencies to agencies. Not all models can really show their luxurious life and expensive clothes cause of their fortune that they have achieved or fame because there are a lot of models which prefer to stay quiet and live a simple life no matter how much money they have earned. These are some of the categories of models and the variation of the payment that they have based on contracts.

Catalog Models: This type of model is a little bit complicated because there is a catalog that customers show interest for certain projects and they contact with the agency and then the agency links up with you. After the callback, you will decide about the payment and the procedures on how it will work. So the payment depends on the model.


Runway Models: Runway modes are on top of the category because they have to do a lot of preparations, many hours of practice in order to change clothes and makeup on a record time. Designers spend a lot of money on these models because the catwalk must be on point. They are getting paid up to $20,000 per show approximately.

Advertising Models (Commercial): For certain commercials or advertisers these models are getting paid at least $200 per hour.
Lingerie Models: This is a special category and often is called a high-class category. They can get paid double over the models with are dressed.

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